In a world of premium faucets, Grohe is recognized for quality in design, engineering and performance. That is the reason why Grohe is recognized as one of the world's premier faucet brands. It is therefore only natural that Grohe faucets should be presented with Oben's stunning new "Custom Shower Collection", because Oben, like Grohe, is a leader in it's field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I install my Oben hydro-massage shower system using 1/2”
supply lines?

A: Yes, it is not necessary to have a 3/4” supply line provided you install a 3/4 ” thermostatic control valve.
A 1/2” supply line plumbed to a 3/4” thermostatic valve with adequate pressure effectively increases water flow. However, 3/4” supply lines are preferred wherever possible, especially for new installations,
to guarantee optimum performance.

Q: Why a Thermostatic Control Valve?

A: Oben recommends using a 3/4” thermostatic control valve, which delivers exceptional flow rates. Thermostatic temperature control in a Custom Shower is much more than a performance consideration; it minimizes the risk of thermal shock and is therefore a safety consideration for your peace of mind.

Q: What are Volume Controls?

A: A separate volume flow control valve is used to turn water on and off for each individual spray function (Overhead, Hand Shower or Body-sprays). Volume controls provide the bather with a choice of individual or dual-function showering options. Starting from the “off” position, you can steadily increase water flow through to the “full on” position or anywhere in between. Oben recommends using 3/4” volume controls throughout the system for maximum showering performance and satisfaction.

Q: How many shower functions can I operate at once?

A: Oben recommends you operate a maximum of two shower functions at any one time or there will be a reduction in performance. This can mean any two (dual-function) combinations of Overhead, Hand Shower or Body-sprays, or a single spray function if preferred.

Q: What is the minimum water pressure I require?

A: Optimum recommended water pressure for dual-function showering is a dynamic pressure of 45 PSI or higher. (Minimum 36 PSI).

Q: What size floor drain do I require?

A: A standard 2” floor drain provides sufficient drainage for one 3/4” thermostatic control valve.

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