Design Flexibility
Customize the shower depth and/or width with your Oben “Pre-plumbed Threshold” system. Easily trimmed to suit any non-standard width or increase internal shower space to suit your bathroom layout.
Utilize Existing Drain Location
Only Oben has the built-in flexibility to enable you to use your existing drain location, minimizing expensive drain relocation and plumbing costs.
Variable Flow Control
Oben’s patented variable-flow technology requires less water and pressure than traditional body-sprays. Eco function reduces water flow by up to 60%. Unique self-cleaning nozzles are both limescale and clog resistant.

Utilize Existing Water
Supply Lines

Because Oben’s patent-pending “In-Column-Surround-Jet” technology is totally compatible with existing water supply lines, you minimize the need for expensive plumbing modifications.
Pre-plumbed Solutions
Oben’s unique “Pre-plumbed In-Column Body-Spray and Threshold” solutions are so flexible and easy to install. They really do save you money!
Custom Faucet Selection
Only Oben allows you to customize your “Pre-plumbed Shower” system with your individual preference of faucet style, trim and finish. The choice is entirely up to you!
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