Glide Glass™

A revolutionary treatment
for shower doors keeps
glass sparkling like new!

A long-lasting patented protective coating for glass showers, making glass more brilliant and much easier to clean and maintain like new. Glide Glass reduces cleaning time by repelling lime scale and soap residue deposits from adhering to the glass surface, which results in significantly reduced time and effort required for cleaning.

Glide Glass will allow the maximum time between cleaning without permanent staining but does not eliminate cleaning entirely; just like your non-stick frypan, it requires routine care and maintenance. After each shower simply spray water along the top edge of the glass with a hand shower and watch the soap residue run off. If your shower is not maintained or you have hard water it may be necessary from time to time to occasionally polish using a micro-fiber cloth or wet nylon body- scrubber to remove small water spots or excess film residue.


Glide Glass
After-Care Program

The Glide Glass after-care program is recommended to optimize glass protection, performance and durability to ensure your shower enclosure remains as clean and bright as the day it was first installed. Ask your dealer for details.




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