Pre-Plumbed and Pressure-Tested

With Oben’s fully-plumbed, pre-assembled, pressure-tested threshold and “In-Column” body-spray solutions you always know what you are getting. (No unpleasant surprises!) Oben Custom Tile Showers offer a quick and easy body-spray system that simply requires a tempered hot water connection, saving you time and money.

Understanding Oben
by numbers:
1. Hot Inlet
2. Cold Inlet
3. Thermostatic Control
4. Volume Control Body-Sprays
5. Volume Control Overhead
6. Volume Control Hand Shower
7. Overhead Shower
8. Body-Spray
9. Hand Shower
10. Threshold Connection
11. Copper Pipe
12. Column Union
13. Cam Assembly
14. Coiled Hose Connector
15. Flexible Coiled Hose
16. Pressure-Balanced Manifold
17. Pre-formed Threshold System
18. Drain
19. Test Plug
20. Protective Cap

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